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Contact: Nyketa Gaffney, (513) 526-3767




Cincinnati, OH – Kitten Season at SPCA Cincinnati has begun, having received our very first litter back in February! It is a busy period for our organization, which requires critical care and a dedicated team for these infants. Kitten Season is truly a community effort, and we often receive questions regarding how one can help during this time of the year. The answer honestly starts with you: don’t become a Kit-Napper!


What exactly does this mean? During the Spring we may discover a litter of kittens in the park, on a trail or even in our back yard. The good Samaritan in us wants to jump right in, gather these babies and take them to the nearest shelter. Unfortunately, what we don’t realize is that we may be doing a disservice to the kittens by taking them away from their nesting place.


Here’s the thing, mom knows best! The best chance a kitten has at survival is with its mother. The likelihood that mom is out hunting for food is significant to her absence at the time one discovers her litter. Give mom 8-hours to return. Look, watch and wait. Try not to hover or do things that may scare her away. If she does not come back, the kittens are indeed orphans. 

What do you do? Become a foster parent! 


Our organization is here to support your efforts through the SPCA Cincinnati Foster Program. Keep the litter together when you arrive at our shelter. We will make sure you have the necessary resources to care for the kittens, giving them a second chance at life. You can learn more about our foster program by logging-on to and clicking the Get Involved link. 


SPCA Cincinnati also works closely with our community partner Ohio Alley Cat Rescue (OAR). The organization has a focus on stray/untamed cats, providing Trap-Neuter-Returnservice to control the cat population in our region. Together, with your help & additional community partners, we are working to save more feline lives. Furthermore, as we find ourselves in the thick of Kitten Season, please don’t Kit-Nap!


For more information on this campaign, please contact spca cincinnati’s Public Information Officer, Nyketa Gaffney at (513) 526-3767 or


Nyketa G. Gaffney

Public Information Officer

SPCA Cincinnati

11900 Conrey Rd.

Cincinnati, OH  45249


Ph. 513-247-2032

Fax 513-247-2020

Mobile: 513-526-3767

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